Our Services

Dyhrberg Drayton Employment Law provides a full range of advice, representation and support in the following areas:

Independent Investigations

As many people are working from home or have flexible work arrangements post COVID19, employers are reminded that they are entitled to carry out investigations.  In some circumstances such as receipt of formal complaints raising health and safety issues, alleged breaches of the Human Rights Act or disclosures made under the Protected Disclosures Act the law obliges employers to investigate. Investigation processes should be carried out with sensitivity bearing in mind the pressures that many people have been facing recently. Dyhrberg Drayton Employment Law is available to provide advice on initiating and conducting investigations, either in person or remotely. If you need any assistance please email Johanna Drayton at johanna@ddelaw.co.nz (027 255 5716) or email Steph Dyhrberg at steph@ddelaw.co.nz (027 280 3444).

Recruitment and Contractual Arrangements

We provide advice and assistance to ensure employers comply with their legal requirements regarding recruitment and appointment of staff. This includes issues such as complying with the Criminal Records (clean slate) rules, Human Rights Act and privacy obligations, and avoiding potential problems. We can help with questions and documentation setting out the legal nature of the relationship and the appropriate terms.

Performance Management

We provide guidance and support to employers (or employees) engaged in performance management processes. We have a full range of materials to guide participants and document the process.

Disciplinary Processes, Reviews and Investigations

We assist and, if necessary, represent employers (or employees) involved in disciplinary processes, which may include investigations of allegations of serious misconduct. We can act as independent investigators in relation to complex matters, or assist with reviews of processes, including public sector non-appointment reviews.

Restructuring Processes and Redundancy

We help employers plan and implement restructuring proposals, including re-organisations of work, down-sizing, mergers and acquisitions, contracting out, and sales of businesses. We assist employers to conduct consultation processes and fully support the process, including providing or reviewing the documentation. We can support and advise our employee clients who are involved in restructuring processes or affected by redundancy.

Employment Agreements, Contracts and Policies

We have a full suite of templates for employment agreements, independent contracts, policies and guidelines which can be tailored to employers' specific needs. We can review proposed employment agreements (or independent contracts) for either employer or employee clients. We advise on both essential terms and options such as fixed term and trial period provisions.

Dealing with Dismissals and Post-Employment Issues

We advise employers about the correct process for making decisions about dismissal, and support the process, including providing documentation. We can conduct or support the process, as required. We advise clients who are dealing with post-employment issues, including restraint of trade, non-solicitation and confidentiality obligations.

Personal Grievances and Dispute Resolution

We assist clients in resolving employment relationship problems and personal grievances including by negotiating settlement terms. We provide pragmatic advice to clients engaged in, or defending, employment claims. We attend mediations and, if necessary, represent clients before the Employment Relations Authority or courts in employment matters.

Collective Bargaining

We can assist or represent employer clients engaged in collective bargaining, including providing advice about processes, bargaining process agreements, negotiation strategies and terms and conditions. We advise clients about how to manage industrial disputes, including strikes and lock outs.

Holidays Act

We advise clients on the Holidays Act and represent clients in relation to disputes under the Act.

Parental Leave Act

We advise clients on the Parental Leave Act and represent clients in relation to disputes under the Act.

Health and Safety at Work Act

We advise employers on compliance with their legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act. We assist employer clients to draft and implement policies and procedures, and represent clients involved in Department of Labour investigation processes and prosecutions.

Training and Workshops

We can devise and deliver seminars and workshops to clients on a wide range of employment topics. We provide useful materials and guidelines to support Managers and HR professionals who require training or upskilling in undertaking employment processes.

OIA and Privacy in Employment Matters

We advise and represent clients about their rights and obligations under the Privacy Act in relation to employment issues. We provide legal advice to public sector and local government clients who are dealing with OIA (LGOIMA) requests.